My Story

Hey i'm Augustin Dallongeville, Entrepreneur, Creator, Web Designer, Consultant.❗️

With over 5 years of digital marketing experience, I founded my first company in France at the age of 15. I was one of the youngest entrepreneurs in France at that time. During the COVID-19 pandemic my business was growing, so I decided to stop attending school without any graduation and i took my first office at 17 years old. 🎓

At 18, I left my hometown in France to start my adult life as an entrepreneur in Montreal-Canada, with only a MacBook and a bag of clothes. It was a humble start but I was determined to succeed on the other side of the Atlantic. 🌊

During my 2 years in Canada, I launched multiple companies and brands and helped over 70 companies/brands and managed more than 90 projects, including websites, online shops, landing pages, marketing strategies and consulting. 🧲

Now, I split my time between North America and Europe to help all types of businesses with their marketing and web needs. Whether you're a consultant, freelancer, company, international corporation or creator. I'll provide as much value as I can. 🌏